Tha boat noodleWelcome to Thai & Noodle Outlet. We offer many of your Thai favorites, but our goal is to introduce Pittsburgh to some popular, but lesser known, Thai dishes. We think you will love them.

In Thailand, noodle soups are extremely popular. While they are often served quickly, oft-times as “street food” their preparation and flavor-profiles are every bit as complex as those found in the world’s finest cuisine.

Thai noodle soups are heavily influenced by Chinese culinary traditions, but remember that Thailand is a country of extremely bold flavors—fish sauce, chili peppers, fried garlic…

Our specialties include boat noodle soup, which is traditionally served by gregarious merchants along the waterways in Thailand. Or the fabled Yen Ta Fo (pink noodles) which features red peppers and a variety of seafood.

Regardless of what you order, our goal is to provide you with world-class service, and if at all possible, with a smile. Thank you!